About the game
Shuffle Heroes is fast-paced card game for 2 players set in the dark fantasy steampunk world filled with Lovecraftian monstrosities. In the game you draft two heroes each with deck of cards with unique mechanics and shuffle them together - this forms your draw deck. Aim of the game is to defeat enemy heroes either by killing them or wearing them down. You can destroy opponents cards from his deck, so you strongly influence what he will draw in his next shuffle - so called deck de-construction.

Game is standalone, so you will find everything you need in one box. Game will be done in 3 languages variants: English, German and Czech.
"I've traveled the world with only one purpose. The voices in my head keep on yelling and I have to continue in my search..."
World of Shuffle Heroes
Universe torn apart to many shards by great catastrophe. One of these shards hosts defiant race of humans formerly guarded by strict and fundamental angels, but in wake of the booming industrial revolution humans shed the chains of their overseers unknowing what demonic powers tries to overtake their world.

World of Shuffle heroes is now full of creatures from other worlds beyond human comprehension, but the empire ruled by power mongering oligarchs is oblivious to any of that and continues to mine deeper, pollute what is left of their nature and making a life for poor struggling in a squalor living hell.

You can anticipate more stories from Shuffle Heroes universe, which we will release during the campaign.
Inside the game
There are 6 different heroes in the game each with it's unique mechanics represented by deck of cards.

Each game you draft two heroes and shuffle their decks together, forming your draw deck. That provides lot of possibilities for different deck combinations while keeping the deck construction fast and easy.

Game-play is pretty straight forward, during your turn you either play a card, activate your hero or replenish your hand, but if played right you can chain effects together with devastating outcomes.

Your ultimate goal is to defeat enemy heroes either by reducing their health to zero or wearing them down by destroying cards from their deck.

One of the main mechanics in Shuffle Heroes is so called deck-deconstruction, during the game you can decide which cards you destroy from opponent's deck, this decision heavily influences what your opponent can draw in the next turns.
Meet the team
Jan Vaněček is the creator of the Shuffle Heroes. He is geek for games since young age and now for many years he was cooperating with CBG on many board games and last year published crazy board game McJohny's.

Hana Novotná is the graphical designer for Shuffle Heroes. She made visuals for many board games before including

Jakub Těšínský is on of the founders of Czech Board Games. He has devoted his time to improve games of tenths of beginning Czech game authors. He helped to publish games of more then ten of them.


Michal Kocourek
Roland Rawen Havran
Anička Dvořáčková
Vašek Šlajch
Kickstarter campaign
Stretch goals

Here are the stretch goals we could together unlock and more could come.

5 000 Funded!
7 500 Full-art versions of hero cards
10 000 Shuffle Heroes button
12 500 New hero

1 000 Likes on Facebook page
Author will get a tattoo inspired by Shuffle Heroes.

You can increase your pledge to add some of these add-ons. We will contact you about it after the campaign finishes.

T-shirt 12 EUR
T-shirts with Shuffle Heroes graphics.

Play-mat 12 EUR
Illustrated play-mat.

Art book 19 EUR
Art book full of illustrations from Shuffle Heroes.

McJohny's 19 EUR
Other game from the same team, semi-cooperative asymmetric real-time party game set in crazy fast-food specializing in crab burgers.
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"I feel that I'm close. The shrieking in my mind is louder than ever, but for me it's like a divine symphony..."
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